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A project log for Pi Pico Power Meter

For my electronic developments I need more than one multimeter to get the power. Here it is!

per-simon-saalPer-Simon Saal 03/06/2023 at 16:240 Comments

During testing the Power Meter I discovered some minor things I wish I had done different.

First, and most important I wanted to get rid of the pin headers to solder the MCU module. This only adds costs and is unconvenient.
I also added some TVS diodes for the measurement inputs and a mouse bite divideable protoboard for the controller headers.

Before, I got a message from PCBway that they would like to sponsor the next revision of PCBs.

That's a really nice circumstance and I used the offer for new PCBs. It was the first time I ordered there.
The PCBs are really nice - like I expected. The HASL finish looks very even and the silkscreen is very clear and sharp. One thing I did not expect was the outer milling of the boards. Often the outline is not that important than the dimensions on top of the FR4. But nothing caught my eye that was not finished perfectly and all the dimensions are bang on!
All in all a very good job! Thank you very much!