Development process

A project log for Simon game with ATtiny13

Full-featured clone of a famous “Simon” game for training your visual and acoustic memory. Electronic kit simple enough for beginners.

VojtakVojtak 12/14/2016 at 00:240 Comments

The project of Simon game was developed as an electronic set for ÚDiF alias Amazing Theatre of Physics.
The aim was to create a simple toy to teach basic skills in electronics.

The first version (summer 2015) was driven by ATtiny45 or ATtiny85 microcontroller, which has 4 or 8 times more flash memory than ATtiny13. It used many not-so-much effective Arduino libraries.

During winter 2015/2016 I developed a simplified version to fit into a cheaper microcontroller. But it wasn't able to store best score into EEPROM.

In autumn 2016 I decided to rewrite and optimize the program and squeeze almost all functions into 1 kB of ATtiny13 microcontroller. I made some improvements in pseudo-random generator and made minor changes in combo-keys (for re-starting best-scored game and deleting memory). I also added a demo function (infinite pseudo-random loop).