[T] for To-Do Analytics?

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A To-Do list where I can checkmark the tasks I spent hours on that are still unfinished at the end of the day.

kelvinakelvinA 02/25/2023 at 22:270 Comments

Ideally, I would like not to invent something new here, especially for software. I'm wondering if there are any not-so-temporary temporary solutions I can use that probably isn't actually marketted as a "Todo" or "Productivity" application, just as PowerPoint isn't marketted as 2D motion graphic software.

I briefly tried Obsidian when trailing a markdown-based CAD idea and wondered if there is any way to query things. The idea is that I could have custom link tags such as the tag type or the date created and then query that information for analytics. The reasion why I'm thinking of this now is because I'm trying to use my OneNote solution more today and already seeing the data entry / information output bottlenecks.

Well queries are indeed possible:

But lets see what this Dataview thing is...

Wow that actually sounds like what I need. Ok let's see if I can make this work.

The first thing is to get the right coat of paint. I haven't changed the duo colour yet but it seems lie it would be fine to leave as default for now.