Ultra Low Power multisensor board based on STM32L4 Ultra-low-power Arm® Cortex®-M4 32-bit MCU+FPU @ 120 MHZ, 150DMIPS, 2MB Flash, 640KB SRAM.

WE310F5  WiFi and BLE 5.0 module from Telit for wireless communication.

Can be programmed with STM32CubeIDE.

Rapberry PI model A Form Factor with FULL EXPANSION CONNECTOR compatibility.

USB-C  connector for data and Power.

Can be powered by 3 AA cell batteries.

Has a full assortment of MEMS sensors:

  • BHI160B accelerometer + gyroscope
  • BMM150 magnetometer
  • BME688 pressure, temperature, humidity & VOC
  • IMP34DT05 digital audio
  • IMP23ABSU analog audio, ultrasound
  • TSL25911FN light sensor
  • VL53L3CX 8x8 multitarget ToF proximity
  • AMG8833 8x8 IR thermal sensor

Thanks to wireless connectivity it is easy to build a full IoT system with Artificial Inteligence, all with free/open source hardware:

We have already built the full stack of applications and will share source code for free.