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A project log for Arduino based Automated hydroponic lettuce seeder

A fully automated lettuce seeder using stepper motors, vacuum pump, vibrator and plenty of 3D printed parts

akash-heimlichAkash Heimlich 12/29/2016 at 02:080 Comments

This is not just a virtual project that will sit on my desk (actually, it probably will remain on my desk) but has real world applications. I wanted to share a link to our rooftop hydroponic project that showcases the research and progress we have made with DIY low cost solutions for rooftop farms.

Rooftop Hydroponics

These foam cubes hold the seeds and plants for their entire life cycle. They grow in a PVC or other NFT channel with a small film of nutrient rich water constantly flowing through, supplying all their dietary needs.

Using this hydroponic lettuce seeder will save us hours a week on the planting. I will take a few pictures of the whole process from seed to plant to illustrate it better in an upcoming post