Who would have thought choosing a button would be so difficult

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hexum064hexum064 04/19/2023 at 17:290 Comments

The Floob will have 4 "buttons". Originally, I figured we'd just go with capacitive touch pads. This turned out to be not so great as it was too easy to trigger the wrong button, both from the proximity to the other pads and the traces leading to the pads. Tried a few different configurations and sensitivities but nothing felt acceptable.

We worked to find some tactile push buttons that were big in diameter but not very tall. That would be our fallback because it would really detract from the look of the Floob.

We also considered tactile dome switches. The problem with those is assembly: we did not want to be the ones to tape down the little domes (also, would the tape look ok?). Well, as it turns out, the PCB manufacturer that I am looking at right now said they can do dome switch assembly (hope they use some nice, clear tape). 

This feels like a really good solution then: they can be assembled for us, they don't detract from the look, they give a tactile response, and best of all, they are super simple with no extra components needed to work (and almost no chance for false activation). Not to mention, they are pretty robust and easy to repair with some packing tape.

Here is a pic using just packing tape to hold them in place. They are not functional but they do provide a good sense of feel and look.