Check out the latest release!

A list of the features:

  • Plotting and printing of data simultaneously
  • Interactive plot
  • Smart data parser, works with ", " or ", " or ":" or ": "
  • History of the past sent commands (navigate through with up/down arrows)
  • Low CPU Usage, lightweight
  • Clear history options
  • Data Window width is adjustable
  • Cross-platform, fully written in Rust. GUI is made using egui

There are still some TODOs:

  • Save text to file
  • Save Plot to file (needs egui plot feature?)
  • Smarter data parser
  • allow to put in labels for the different data columns (instead of column 1, 2,...)
  • make serial print selectable and show corresponding datapoint in plot
  • COM-Port names on Windows (display manufacturer, name, pid or vid of device?)
  • make side panel and plot/serial prompt be resizeable (snappy?)
  • current command entered is lost when navigating through the history
  • command history is currently unlimited (needs an upper limit to prevent huge memory usage)
  • ...

If anyone wants to contribute or wants to report bugs, please submit a git issue.