Preparing PCB for prototyping

A project log for Radio Feather X

All in One STM32 feather board with Radio capabilities (NRF24 and LORA)

flavioFlavio 03/01/2023 at 11:080 Comments

The last day I have been going back and forth making small changes to the board design in preparation to order the prototyping of 10 pieces.

 Between fixing and checking board constrains as per the prototyping company specifications, cleaning and tiding up the silkscreen and panelising the board in pairs (since they are long but to narrow for individual fab)

Hopefully the prototyping can be kicked off soon.

Also I had to compile the BOM to prepare to put an order for the components. For the first prototype I ordered  PCB assembly so I haven't need to solder the components myself, but this time to save on cost and for practice, I will be ordering a stencil from the PCB manufacturer and I'll attempt to assemble the board with my hot air station... we shall see :)
That is all for today updates, folks.