Efficient and Delightful Home Automation

With RoomSense IQ, inefficiency in homes is no longer a problem, and occupants can enjoy a superior experience. Traditional building automation systems typically rely on schedules to regulate HVAC and lighting systems, resulting in wasted energy and high costs when rooms are unoccupied or underutilized. However, with RoomSense, you can detect when a room is empty and adjust temperature, humidity, and lighting levels accordingly. This not only enhances your home's energy efficiency, but it also does so in a delightful and effortless manner, benefitting everyone involved.

MagFlex is RoomSense IQ's mounting system that utilizes a magnetic joint to achieve accurate sensor alignment without the need for any mechanical interface. This innovative solution allows the device to be positioned with precise angular and radial alignment relative to the mount, making it an ideal solution for accommodating various room shapes and sizes.



RoomSense IQ was created by Sina and his long-time colleague Greg, both of whom share a strong passion for home automation and DIY electronics. They aspired to create a tool that could turn their vision of an ideal smart home into a reality. Their combined expertise and experience have made RoomSense IQ a prominent contender in the industry.

RoomSense IQ is designed for smart home automation and security applications. The device uses a mmWave Radar with a sensing distance of up to 5 meters and a 120-degree field of view. This allows the device to accurately detect movement and occupancy within a room or an area.

The device provides an occupancy status physical signal, which can be used to trigger automations or alerts based on whether a room is occupied or not. Additionally, the device provides distance to target measurement, which can be configured to trigger certain actions based on the user's proximity to certain areas of the room.

To reduce false alarms, the device also includes a PIR sensor, which is designed to filter out non-human activities. This means that the device can distinguish between human and non-human movement and only trigger alerts or automations when necessary.

It includes built-in temperature, humidity, and light sensors, which can be used for climate control or other applications. Additionally, the device also includes an RGB LED for WiFi status indication, which makes it easy to see whether the device is connected to the network and working properly.

The system is designed to be highly customizable and integrates with the popular Home Assistant platform via the MQTT protocol. The system provides a free and open-source dashboard that can display a range of real-time data, including macro and micro energy levels in eight distance bins.

RoomSense IQ  is powered by an ESP32S3 MCU, with built-in WiFi connectivity. The device also includes a USB-C port for power and serial communications, which makes it easy to connect to a computer for local controls.

We invested considerable effort to ensure that the device seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant, without the need for complex configurations or setups. RoomSense is designed to support auto discovery capability, which allows Home Assistant to easily detect and integrate the device into the larger smart home ecosystem.

To enable real-time and highly accurate energy level plotting, our HA integration is specifically designed to support rapid refresh rate. Achieving this required the use of DBMaria, custom plotting cards on HA, and finely optimized firmware that could handle the high refresh rate while maintaining accuracy and stability.

The system also generates occupancy signals based on user-defined settings. This means that the system can be configured to detect when people are present in certain areas of the home, and trigger automations accordingly.

Finally, the system provides a trend display of PIR motion detection, temperature, humidity, and light. This allows users to monitor changes in these parameters over time and make informed decisions about how to automate their home environment.


In summary, RoomSense IQ is a powerful and presence-based platform for smart home automation and security. Its built-in mmWave Radar sensor, PIR sensor, and other sensors make it highly accurate and adaptable for various applications. Additionally, its open-source dashboard and WiFi connectivity enable seamless integration with a wider smart home ecosystem. With its customizable and flexible monitoring capabilities, The system can automatically manage home environments to meet specific energy-saving needs and enhance comfort levels in an enjoyable way.

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