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Teensy 3.5 & NCR 5380 based SCSI device emulator.

david-kuderDavid Kuder 12/26/2016 at 21:180 Comments

That didn't take very long. Many thanks to MAMEDev, SCSI2SD, and the SCSI CD docs, optical drive emulation is working well enough to mount & verify a Debian install disc on my linux testbed.

This means that virtual disks/discs with sector sizes other than 512 bytes are supported now as well.

I also have a SuperMac SuperView SCSI graphics card on order, which I hope will arrive before things get crazy again at work.

I have assembled one of the first run of boards and it works beautifully, even with my terrible soldering job. I have found an mistake that prevents the OLED display from being mounted on the Teensy side of the board, as the uSD slot overlaps the pins. I suspect anyone who would be using the OLED display would probably have it on cable or would be fine with mounting it over the NCR 5380, so it isn't a huge deal yet.

Many thanks to Hackaday for the writeup: !

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