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A project log for Tiny SCSI Emulator

Teensy 3.5 & NCR 5380 based SCSI device emulator.

david-kuderDavid Kuder 12/29/2016 at 23:170 Comments

The start of the OLED Menu system is underway, you will be able to enable/disable individual devices, change device types (disk, cdrom, tape, ethernet, graphics), start/stop the target mode, eventually perform initiator mode tasks (save/restore disk images from/to real drives) and make various other changes to the device config without needing a computer attached.

I've adjusted the layout of the previous status screen to only take the top 8 pixels, and hopefully be a clearer representation of what is going on. Here you can see IDs 3,4,5 are enabled, and I've just disabled ID 2 from the menu system. There is no activity on any of the devices, as shown in the top row of dots. Detailed status such as SD Card size and partitions will be available via the menus.