Project log-01042023

A project log for New open source hardware 1U satellite project.

New open source hardware 1U satellite project.

tranvinhquangTRAN.VINH.QUANG 04/01/2023 at 09:540 Comments

To make the prototype, I built my own cnc machine. 1U means size 10cm x 10cm. With the chip I used, in the project log before, I only checked 8 nodes, it still has room for 32 nodes so I changed the schematic of the supervisor, also changed the node communication controller chip  and I2C isolation. It took quite a bit of my time, as I had to check the datasheets and figure out how to wire them up.

In this video, the functional area is divided into several parts and created with a cnc machine for testing. 

I hope I finish the first full test board in the next project log.