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An Arduino UNO Compatible Board with isolated Glowing headers and some Extras

john-loefflerJohn Loeffler 04/01/2023 at 03:450 Comments

The Goal of this Project is to Crate a STEM Oriented Using the Microcontroller that started It all.


1)The Core of this Will Be an Arduino Uno with the 16U2 USB Uart.

2) Every Pin will have a LED Attached to it to show the Status.

3) ALL LEDs will be isolated using A Follower Op-amp and Comparitor circuit.

4) Digital IO Pin LEDs will be Equipped with a Schmitt Trigger that is close to the internal Schmiit Trigger in the Atmega328P

5) Analog Pin LEDs Will illuminate proportionate to the Voltage of the Pin (0V=off,  2V=2mV, 5V=5mV)

6) A Toggle Switch to turn all LEDs Off

7) The LEDs will Be Reverse Mount and Diffused with Epoxy

8) Placing All components on Bottom allows For ample Space to Label all Pins with all Functions.

9) Electronics will be coated in Epoxy to be more STEM Friendly ( Drops, Spills...)

10) Design for Manufacture


1) STEMMA/QWIIC Connector

2) Neopixel on Pin 6

3) RTC

4) SD Card

5) Speaker

6) Full Color Silkscreen for ease of pin identification