Epi 32U4

A tiny little Arduino-compatible board with USB-C using the Atmega32U4.

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Likely the smallest Arduino-compatible with USB-C at the moment. It was originally intended as a controller for DIY keyboards, but it can be used for anything. The size is 22,75x12,75,3,25mm.

Has quite a few neat features:
Mid-mounted USB-C connector and castellated pins(quite obvious)
ESD protection on the USB power and data lines
Ferrite bead and polyfuse on the USB power line
Low-pass filter for the analog reference
Mounting slots
24 available IO, a couple more than most 32U4 boards

You may think the port would snap quite easily, but surprisingly it doesn't. I can't even break it off by hand.

The pin spacing is 1,27mm as you may've noticed, and it doesn't have any voltage regulator.

Also Crowd Supply picked it up, which is fun. Hopefully i'm allowed to mention that here.

Released under CERN-OHL-P.

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nerdu wrote 06/13/2023 at 10:01 point

how long this dev work on one charge? for example I need PDA, handheld. When add screen , keyboard how long this dev will work?

A week, a month?

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Rasmus L. wrote 06/14/2023 at 08:13 point

I don't quite understand the question. It doesn't include any battery, and how long it can run depends on battery capacity.

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