Update to v1.8

A project log for SimpleCircuit

Draw schematic diagrams using simple scripts from your browser.

svenSven 12/04/2023 at 22:380 Comments

I did a short v1.7, but quickly upgraded to v1.8 as I realized that I wanted CSS to be defined from the same script as the schematic. So the style tab had to go.

CSS can now be added using the following construction:

/* CSS here */

 There is also now support for a more advanced text with subscripts, superscripts, underline and overline. For example:


The console application also got some love, and is now powered by SkiaSharp, which makes it much faster than using CefSharp which required Chromium to be included and loaded every time. Because the console application works much better now, I also implemented a .include statement for including files.

I also realized that C-style line comments were a bit weird for a language that I'm trying to base off SPICE. So now, an asterisk can also be used for line comments (like SPICE). C-style comments are also still supported though, because I don't think it breaks anything.

The old-style property statements have also been removed as it has been deprecated by the inline variant/property style component syntax.