Ordered the PCB

A project log for Dust Collection System Monitor

Simple Arduino project to alert me when my dust collection cyclone either has a full collection bin or clogged filter.

ecpcEcPc 07/21/2017 at 17:040 Comments

After futzing around in eagle at work, and then getting a new laptop, a new job and a new kitchen. I returned to this project.  I used Eagle to design the PCB and sent the gerbers to BasicPCB. I should have them soon and look forward to my first pass at a board 

I decided to use the Arduino Duemilanove I've had forever as Rev1 of this project but it's completely unecessary. I also decided to add a 16x2 LCD screen i've had around. 

Before even obtaining the PCB, i'm thinking about shrinking it down but I would like to get the code up and working first.