Coobycs - Rubik's Cube Robot Solver

A Rubik's cube solver using a NodeMCU, Nema17 stepper motors and DRV8825 drivers.

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Check the Files section for a video!

I've been fiddling with Rubik's cubes for years and after building a cube solver with Lego I wanted to built something more robust and 'professional'.
A while ago I saw a post on Reddit and I really liked the design but unfortunately no other details were given so I decided to build my own version and publish this to help people looking to build something similar.
It's using a NodeMCU, Nema17 stepper motors and DRV8825 drivers + v-profile and various connectors(some of which are 3d printed) for the frame. I designed a custom PCB to make everything nice and tidy.

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A video of a full solve of the robot

MPEG-4 Video - 13.36 MB - 03/04/2023 at 16:50


Coobycs NodeMcu

Source code

Zip Archive - 9.48 kB - 03/04/2023 at 16:16



Gerber files for the PCB

Zip Archive - 75.21 kB - 03/04/2023 at 15:41



STL files for 3d Printing

Zip Archive - 19.24 kB - 03/04/2023 at 15:31


  • 6 × Nema17 motors with wires
  • 6 × DRV8825 drivers
  • 1 × NodeMCU v2 or similar board
  • 6 × Capacitors 100 uF, 63 V or similar
  • 1 × Power switch

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    3D Printed Files

    The v-shape profiles are connected on the outer corners with 90degrees connectors you can buy but for the top/bottom and middle sections, I designed in Tinkercad some connectors you'll have to print. You can find the files also here:

    Print 2x 4 way connectors and 4x 2 way connectors. Print 6x axe connectors that you'll later glue to the center pieces of the cube.

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    Building the Frame


    The frame is based on this reddit post a saw a while ago and I really liked(unfortunately no details were provided so I made my own).

    • Middle: Connect a 7.5cm and a 12.5cm profile with the 2way connector. Repeat 4 times.
    • Top: Connect 4x 10cm profiles with the 4way connector. 
    • Bottom: Connect 4x 7.5cm profiles with the 4way connector. 

    Use the metal 90degrees connectors to connect the top bottom and middle.


    • Insert the motors into the 3d printed connectors and secure them with the screws.
    • Connect motors and the axe with the shafts couplings.

    Rubik's Cube

    Glue the axe's ends to the cube's centers and you'll have to make a few adjustments to get everything fit snuggly.

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    Here is a schematic that you can use to connect your development board to the motors and drivers.

    As you can see there are quite a few cables and it can get quite messy if you try to use a breadboard.

    To solve this I developed a custom PCB to handle all this. Note that the PCB is designed for a NodeMCU v2 quick drop in. 

    The Gerber files you can find attached and you can use a service like or  to order a custom PCB  

    Once you have the PCB, you'll have to solder the capacitors, pins, power connector and switch.  The motor drivers and NodeMCU are dropins.

    Note that each driver has a level which mentions which face/color of the cube it will connect to.  Use these label to orient the cube in the frame and connect the motor cables.

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