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   raspberry PICO connect LCD ST7735   Write a program to create gif animations. for title when start power


1.Gif animation when Power On

2.Set time month year

3.Alarm time sound and an animation showing the selected text

4.Show the temperature

5.Show percent Power

6.display clock theme Nixie tube

STEP2: Circuit & PCB

              Order PCB by using service from PCB Way. Easy to order by just download Gerber file. Check the completion of the money transfer.

STEP3: Assembly PCB

PCB from PCBWAY using time from order to arrive in Thailand, it takes only 4 days, the work is still the same quality.

STEP4: Make Case 3dprint

Create a 3D-printed enclosure to securely hold the board, making it suitable for use as a desktop clock that is fully functional

STEP5: Update software



In the end, I have achieved the project as hoped, which is a clock with the following features:

  1. It's a timekeeping clock.
  2. It's a clock with overlay images that work in slideshow mode, cycling through all the files in /pic.
  3. It's a clock with animated images in gif animation format, playing all the .gif files available in the folder until they are finished.





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