Induction heater and PCBWay

Microcontroller based induction heater; PCBWay PCB's

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I've been working on a microcontroller based Induction Heater for use with medical marijuana vapor devices. I made more than one pass at this design; every time I picked my set of components, invariably something would be sold out with year long (or more) leadtimes.
This is the latest pass at the circuit (board). Because I could get some of the parts I wanted, I was able to make the board smaller.
Once the new design was finished, I sent the Gerber files off to PCBWay ( I've used them in the past for simpler two-layer boards and they did a great job, this time was no exception, this is a four layer board. They did the board in a couple of days and they look great. Looking at the PCB under a microscope I was able to see that the traces are nice and clean; no over or under etching. The holes are concentric to the pads, even on the smallest vias. Solder mask is nice and clean, and the silkscreen is clean and very readable. I recommend them highly for your pcb need

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