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A project log for Pi Palette- Hacker's Cosmetic Case

The "Pi-Palette" is a pentesting computer concealed in a cosmetic case.

SexyCyborgSexyCyborg 12/20/2016 at 12:510 Comments

Lots of people have asked me where I got the portrait layout keyboard. Here's the current situation:

There is no consistently produced version of the RF mini keyboard. I spoke to iPassport and they just make a batch when someone meet their MOQ. See:

The current version of the Pi-Palette shown uses a iPazzPort/Unisen KP-810-02 ( it's not available in the West, but is in China:

Because of this I've made alternate files for both the bottom half and the keyboard cover so you can also use the iPazzPort/Unisen KP-810-05E, KP-810-05V, KP-810-05C:


So you have a total of four keyboard options depending on what's available where you are. Updated STL files are labeled accordingly.