Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist, inventor and medical researcher (1888-1971). He is known for his microscopes, which he claimed could observe live microorganisms but also by an electronic device constructed by him called the Rife Machine, which according to his claims, is capable of curing very serious and incurable diseases.

  In order not to repeat myself, if you are interested in the method of operation, making, technical characteristics, the way it is claimed to heal and many other information regarding the Rife machine, I recommend you to watch my previous video related to this topic. 
  There you can also read my personal opinion regarding the technical functionality, but also the claims in medical terms, at least as far as I can conclude.
  Also, I described a very simple way how to make such a machine yourself if you have basic knowledge in the field of electronics. Despite its simplicity, the disadvantage of this machine was the fact that the frequency of the carrier signal was in the range from 50 to 180 kilohertz. Although many Rife machines are sold on the commercial market not exceed 100 kilohertz, the original machine made by Rife has a carrier of around 3 MHz.

  This time I will present you a way to make an Advanced Rife Machine where the carrier frequency can be changed continuously in the range of a few Kilohertz up to 100 Megahertz, which far exceeds the range of the original machine. In addition, the precision and stability of the carrier frequency is incomparably higher, thanks to the use of modern Microcontrollers. The carrier frequency is displayed on a color TFT display on a beautiful retro style.

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   Also for the source of Rife frequencies I will present you a wonderful software that is very flexible, simple to set up, and graphically excellent.
   In general, the device consists of several components:

  - A carrier frequency generator, which can generate a signal in the range of up to 100 MHz with great precision and tuning steps, and the frequency is displayed on a color TFT Display. Detailed instructions, scheme and code for this generator can be found in one of my previous videos ()
  - A Rife frequencyes generator, which in this case is specialized PC software for this purpose, installed on a laptop computer with a sound card

  - A modulator that modulates the RF carrier frequency with low-frequency Rife signals.
  - An amplifier of this modulated signal which, together with the high-voltage transformer, drives the plasma tube.
  - A plasma tube to output the power in the form of radio waves to penetrate the body and deliver the frequencies.

   Now before we see how the device works in reality, let's first briefly explain "Frex16" PC software.
 The application contains a large database with ready-made Rife frequency sequences for various diseases. We can search for the disease according to the initial letter or through the search tab. Very useful function is that we can assign our own frequency sequence, which is not contained in the given database.  We can choose different shapes of the signal: sine wawe, square wave, triangle wave,saw tooth positive, and saw tooth negative . It have also white niose generator.  In practice, rectangular and saw tooth negative are mostly used.

   Now first we turn on the generator and tune the carrier frequency.
Then we turn on the Rife machine....

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