Swivel screen from broken laptop

Turning a broken laptop into a swiveling and tilting all in one computer.

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Started off with Samsung RC710-s01uk laptop that was smashed to pieces. The screen was unusable apart from the LED strip which I used to make a light box. The motherboard on this laptop also had a broken part with two parts that had been sheered off from their solder pads and missing. I managed to find a good resolution pic of the motherboard of this laptop and on it these parts seemed like a capacitor and inductor which made sense since they were near the power socket and probably used for smoothing or filtering. Repaired the board and the laptop fired up. Bought a replacement screen and touchscreen kit. Added a wireless mouse and keyboard and some epoxy. The motherboard is fixed on the usual brass standoffs which are affixed to an acrylic sheet glued to the back of the lcd. The swivel is courtesy of a caster wheel from a trolley. The tilt is due to the laptop hinges. Will probably someday build a custom case for the screen and motorise the lead screw to add up and down action too.

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