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The hardware is modular in design. A CDBUS (RS-485) bus is used to connect all modules to the PC, including two cameras. (10 Mbps by default.)

The machine has four degrees of freedom: X, Y, Z, R (rotate, also with homing switch), and is controlled by multiple stepper motor controllers.

The Y-axis is controlled by two motor controllers, synchronised by multicasting.

The Z-axis contains a strain gauge-based force sensor, the sensor data is relayed through the R-axis controller, as the sensor is closest to the R-axis.

The machine automatically picks up component from a pre-defined search areas and put it onto the PCB in the corresponding position.

Whenever the machine has finished with the same value of components, it will automatically pause and wait for the user to change the components in the search area.

DIY required information can be found here: