LiPo battery charging module

battery charger with current selection options (100 mA or 400 mA)

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This LiPo battery charge controller module was created as an additional option to our other project uMyo. Due to the change in the design of the board in the new version, we decided to move the charging unit to a separate board. That's how this module appeared!

But it is completely autonomous and can be used to charge batteries (both with a jst connector and directly soldered). Although it is similar to standard TP4056 modules by function, it has somewhat different focus: it has reverse polarity and overcurrent protection (but no deep discharge protection) and by default provides 100 mA of charge current, thus it's better suited for small batteries and can tolerate plugging a wrong-polarity JST connector (quite a popular problem since there is no standard).

Soon it will be available for purchase in our store on Tindie!

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