Now the last display state before OFF is kept for next switch ON

A project log for Happy amplifier

Are you happy? I am very happy to make this amplifier, with very high-quality class-D sound and Arduino joy!

kodera2tkodera2t 12/22/2016 at 11:160 Comments

I put a small improvement on PHAP firmware. The case of initial firmware, everytime switching ON, display is initialised as analog meter mode. But if you prefer oscilloscope mode, it is something annoying everytime pushing button several times for switching ON. Now I put small modification that, the last state of display mode before switch OFF is memorised in EEPROM, and next time of switching ON, PHAP will start as the previous state. The Arduino sketch is uploaded to my github account.

Fortunately I finished this modification before tindie store's approval and all of shipment will be with this modified firmware. You can buy PHAP semi-kit at

, and actual operation can be found in the following movie...!