• [Project Log-06042024]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG04/06/2024 at 09:33 0 comments

    I want to turn this project into paper, that why in this project log, I found some of open access journals to focus on. 
    There are two options I considered, one is to just use the device to detect distance and one is to use app.
    I need to create a prototype to test my theory...

  • [Project Log-18032023]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG03/20/2023 at 15:46 0 comments

    I have set the feedrate about 200mm/min and the cnc runs the gcode I created earlier. This pcb sample for testing 4G module. The CNC runs just enough for test and need surface finishing for solder components.

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  • [Project Log 28012023]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG03/20/2023 at 15:45 0 comments

    The project has finished setting up the gcode file to process the IoT module test circuit board for the device.
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  • [Project log - 24122022]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG03/20/2023 at 15:44 0 comments

    The project needs a circuit design for testing, which takes some parameters from the fabricator to design the required line widths and clearances.

    In this step, it is necessary to do a quick job mainly to check that the schematic diagram is actually working as expected. Today, the project completed this design board, now only need to put it into the machine to complete the circuit board, next will solder the components.
    The project intends to make a 6-layer circuit for the final version, and the test circuit needs to be done quickly, so it will do 1 layer.
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  • [Project log - 27112022]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG03/20/2023 at 15:44 0 comments

    The project continued to complete the prototype drawing, set up a suitable footprint for processing. The footprints without data are referenced by equivalent components, through the datasheet to confirm the required dimensions, this makes it convenient to solder the components later, avoiding having to redo due to the size deviation standard.

    The project welcomes interested members to register to attend and continue to update...

  • [Project log - 08102022]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG03/20/2023 at 15:43 0 comments

    After designing the connection diagram between the processor and the basic 4G chip, the connection part is not clear, so it will be separated to easily change the connection in case it cannot be programmed.
    UART is used, the source part is separated and tested after the test circuit works, the use of power from existing components is also acceptable, no need to design now, the important thing is The processor and 4G chip work stably first.
    The project will start making PCB samples to test this schematic in the next sessions.

  • [Project Log-22082023]

    TRAN.VINH.QUANG03/20/2023 at 15:42 0 comments

    At this offline session, the participants embarked on the schematic design, discussed the block diagram, the rules of working together, how to connect the drawings together for uniformity. At the same time, Ialso acknowledged the desire to organize more environmental projects, the next meeting would like to come to the my office to organize.

    The next meeting of the project will be held in September. Sincerely invite everyone to attend.