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Arduino OLED PC Performance Monitor with Client software

Rupert HirstRupert Hirst 10/16/2018 at 11:261 Comment

Version 1.3: 

Top Config option to disable all pre-selected power/gnd pins on Arduino pins D4 and D5 when not powering OLED from ProMicro 

Top Config option to disable/enable "activitychecker" (Enable blank screen on serial timeout eg: PC powered down, Disable to retain last sampled info eg: PC crash or overclocking diagnostics) 

Option to trigger an event at a given CPU or GPU threshold eg: LED indicator at 100% CPU Load. 

NeoPixel Ring CPU/GPU Bargraph example:


Custom overlay


fuhiyal wrote 04/18/2019 at 10:46 point


i built this using Arduino Nano and sd1306 . I am newbie to this types of projects(may be in all arduino projects).I successfully uploaded the code to the board and it was in 128x32. I didn't configure the oled library and then i realized and changed.But after changing the code to 128x64 , in  my display no value is being shown, Only CPU GPU Mhz C etc.(When 128x32,some values shown correctly but not full screen that's why i changed the res).

How to fix that ? Does it have something to do with the main code? The code in in 128x64 and i can't find the problem ;( . Can you help me?

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