Indestructible Egg Holder


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Most people have heard of the egg drop. Well my Physics teachers has spun this idea a little bit so no Mark Robber video is going to help me. His "egg drop" contains four stages. The first test is your classic test you put it on a bleacher and he pushes it off. The second test is where the term egg drop disappears. He gets a 2x4 and has you pitch him the container which he just makes contact with. Then for the third test he has you do the same thing but he really hits it hard this time and into a concrete wall. For the fourth test he gets a piece of broken off concrete and chucks it at your project, and keeps going until he feels like stopping. This is where all have failed, but where I hope to succeed.

The rules are as follows:

Size Parameters:

1. Max dimensions of structure: length = 20 cm, Width = 15 cm, Height = 20 cm

Other Parameter:

1. Max thickness of walls 1/4 of an inch

2. Structure can ONLY be made of paper and/or plastic NOT metal and/or wood

3. You must be able to take the egg out of structure after every trial.

4. You must be able to close the structure to keep the egg encased.

5. NO liquids/butters/puddings/ or Jell-O are to be used inside the structure.

Composites are allowed and I can use bolts to secure things

  • Design

    lucas1klemm03/27/2023 at 20:05 0 comments

    After looking at Carbon FIbre prices I realized that I'm Ferrari and can't afford it, so I'm going to go with my next closest option Fibreglass. It should be relatively strong enough and I can get my hands on it easily. But since FIbreglass isn't as strong as Carbon Fibre I'm going to have to add some more strength to my design so what I've decided is to make my container a ball. I'm hoping that if he hits it with the corner it'll roll away before he hits it. For the insides of the container I want to print them out of TPE. I'm thinking a sphere with gyroid infill that I can squeeze the egg inside is my best bet.

  • Ideas

    lucas1klemm03/24/2023 at 21:25 0 comments

    I currently have floating around my head. I have 2 FDM printers and a Resin Printer.  So for the inside I was thinking some sort of 3D Printed insert made out of TPE. The outside is where it gets hard. Now I think carbon fibre is my best bet but I don't know if I can get the amount I need with my budget, so pvc is another thought I had. Whatever it is it can't shatter. 

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