I needed a 9V power source for Kenwood TH-20A VHF transceiver for vehicle use. This radio drops power output as it's 2S LiOn battery voltage drops and by the time it is only 30% discharged, it has significantly shorter range.

To solve this problem, I bought a cheap LM317 based regulator, threw out the junk LM317 clone (which would open circuit with as little as 100mA load) and replaced it with TI part. Next I JBwelded the TI-LM317 to an aluminum heatsink I had on hand and designed a 3D printed cased. The case is printed in vertical orientation and the regulator heatsink assembly slides into it from the top.

The case is hanged on the left side of passenger foot well, for which I printed a separate piece to distribute forces along the grain of PLA, and glued it to the case.

After gluing two sets of Anderson Power Poles pigtails inside the case I was done. Turned out pretty nice.