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6502 based learning in a familiar form factor

anders-nielsenAnders Nielsen 03/29/2023 at 13:260 Comments

With only a month from the announcement of the HaD Prize 2023 to the close of the first challenge round there certainly isn't a lot of time to come up with something brilliant - but challenge most certainly accepted!

It certainly doesn't leave a lot of time to source parts for the prototype but thankfully I do have a left over 6507, a couple of 6532's and some ROM's - hopefully I will get the PCB in time to try it out... and if I know my luck, time to make some bodges before the challenge round is over. 

I started thinking about the project on Sunday and I'm happy to say I just published the KiCAD files to Github.

If you see something weird I'd certainly like heads up! Planning to order PCB's tonight or tomorrow. (Note to self: Add pads for extra decoupling caps before ordering!)