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6502 based learning in a familiar form factor

anders-nielsenAnders Nielsen 08/07/2023 at 07:380 Comments

In case you're wondering, then yes, the 65uino is absolutely designed to catch the essence of the Hackaday Prize 2023. 

It's not just educational, it's not just green, it's not just a great piece of gear - it's all of the above! - and that's why I'm submitting the project for all three of those challenge rounds. And of course the wildcard!

I've noticed some critics comment about the project being just a joke novelty, but I certainly intend to prove it's very far from a joke. It is called "challenge rounds" after all, so challenge accepted! 

In my new video I hope to convince some of the doubters as I show how I coded the serial bootloader for the 65uino and work around the constraints of a limited platform. 
I sincerely believe working in a resource constrained environment is a great driver for innovation. With 4k of ROM available and only 128 bytes of RAM you HAVE to come up with new and improved solutions for the task at hand - and with that comes a skillset you wouldn't get otherwise. 

In the video below I give a little glimpse at how the 65uino is intended to be used - you'd be surprised how much functionality you can squeeze into 100 bytes of code in RAM when you have a powerful library of subroutines in ROM. The serial bootloader will certainly speed up development when I can just move the subroutine I'm working on to RAM instead of constantly burning the ROM. 

Wish me luck!