Excitation frequency 1KHZ

Measurement range 1 uΩ to 100 Ω

Measurement range 0-10mΩ , 10mΩ-100mΩ, 100mΩ-1Ω, 1Ω-10Ω , 10Ω-100Ω Press button 2 to switch gears

Maximum withstand voltage not tested

Calibration Method

Clip short-circuit, press key 1 to enter short-circuit clearing mode, by adjusting key 1 and key 2 plus or minus to make the reading to 0 after pressing key 1 while pressing key 2 again to enter the next gear, all clearing is complete display is completed automatically saved to FLASH.

Press key 2 and don't let go, then press key 1 to enter calibration mode, for example, calibrate 0-10 milliohm file, clip on 10 milliohm resistor, adjust to 10 milliohm by adding or subtracting key 1 and key 2, then press key 1 while pressing key 2 to enter the next file, all the calibration will be displayed and saved to FLASH.

10mΩ Measurement range

HC LC intertwined  !

HP LP intertwined !


Battery-powered version

Test Video

Circuit as long as the 10-ohm sampling resistors into three 100-ohm resistors in parallel, 100-ohm sampling resistors into three 1K-ohm parallel, the amplifier part can only use two triodes the other two parallel can be removed.

Program changed to 33333 word display, gear 0-33 milliohm (33.3 mA), 33 milliohm - 333 milliohm (33.3 mA), 333 milliohm - 3.33 ohms (3.33 mA), 3.33 ohms - 33.3 ohms (3.33 mA), 33.3 ohms - 333 ohms (3.33 mA) Stability is relatively poor reading jumps.

Now the calibration method is relatively rudimentary, calibration trouble one at a time by pressing too slow, someone is willing to copy before writing the linearity calibration program. Now the calibration method wants the lowest gear micro-ohm level accurate to first clip such as 10 milliohm alignment, calibration before the first clear mode clear, and then clip such as 200 micro-ohm this time can not adjust the calibration mode, to adjust the short circuit clear mode, and 200 micro-ohm as large on the line, the calibration mode adjustment is relatively slow to have patience.