10/6/23 Update

A project log for 1802 MemberChip Card

A retro-microcomputer in a micro-package. Learn from the ground up, just like the pioneers. Has monitor editor assembler BASIC FORTH LISP...

lee-hartLee Hart 10/06/2023 at 18:440 Comments

There are a number of cross-assemblers for the 1802, but Mike Riley's ASM/02 is the newest, most capable, and runs on Windows and Linux PCs. He used it to write his Elf/OS operating system for the 1802, the source for which is posted on his Github pages (referenced elsewhere in this project). ASM/02 includes directives for producing code for various 1802 hardware platforms, including the MemberChip Card.

The cosmacelf community has been actively fixing bugs and adding features to ASM/02 and Elf/OS. Tony Hefner suggests downloading it from as it's being maintained by the group. Al Williams just posted an excellent instruction manual for it at

Al's work is basically a programming manual for the 1802 using ASM/02. It explains the charming eccentricities of the 1802 (what, no CALL instruction?), and shows how the assembler gets around them (to add CALL, and many other "normal" instructions).