MicroRF Remote

4 axis Remote for Arduino. 4/5 ch/servo RX.

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Make some Wireless Neopixel RGB Controllers. Decided this board has enough uses to be made. at just $4.05 /3 = 1.35 each + 8-9 (Type C Micro) + 1.25 NRF = $12 Wireless RC setup.

The rx is the same for RGB i only broke out 2 Servo lines but 2 more are unused, maybe a third. then theres always soft servo lines....or i2c...

The Remote has 2x Dual Axis Analog Joysticks. PS Style.
and pins 10/6 have resistors for rgb. or A7/A10.
A0-3 and 4/5 for the stick buttons.

I2c ready for an oled. 3v reg for the nrf mcp1700.

Finally updated my design for nrf wireless module with an Arduino Micro clone.

  • Then Added 2 dual axis playstation style joysticks.
  • Future design will probably switch to Switch style Joysticks. (smd 5 pin ribbon connectors)
  1. Still Need to design a more general RX servo board but the original pcb has 2 broken out and 2 more unused.
  2. Made an smd nrf + pi pico board with 6x servo out but yet to test the nrf. just used to servo side on a pico W.

I made the original circuit into a couple of "clean" hand made protoboard. Over sized but should still work fine...


v1 pcb. 4/23

Zip Archive - 10.75 kB - 04/09/2023 at 00:26


  • 4ch RX board.

    Saul04/28/2023 at 15:17 0 comments

    If I use the 4 analog lines for soft servos an 8CH rx could work.

    still need to look over the design a bit, can you find the vias I forgot to remove?

  • Update. It was the caps!

    Saul04/19/2023 at 10:45 0 comments

    Replaced the advil caps with a couple electrolytic capacitors of the correct value...

    It Works!

    • Hooked to a single AA + 5V boost module
    • 260 - 300 mah from the AA = about 10 Hours per cell
      • Oled at Full brighness
    • Tx speed is up. 15Hz at idle (no conection)
    • 70 Hz! Connected! (with no serial output.) did I count wrong in the code?

    Will figure out a basic case and add Trim adjustments for the joysticks.

    3/4 axis are off by +3...

    Having multiple remotes should really speed up my other projects.

    Now I can have more customized code on both rx/tx.

  • This was supposed to be the easy part.

    Saul04/10/2023 at 09:06 0 comments

    The new pcb was easy to solder in about 20 minutes, expecting it to just work I added the oled code and got the analog values displaying...but the wireless signal won't connect.

    of course first I just had the wrong pin set on one...but the other... idk

    Even without making a connection the speed is off. the only difference being the oled which updated only 2/3 times a second.

    1. The nano remote is hitting about 15-16 hz.
    2. The micro remote is hitting 8-9 hz.

    Looking closer I think it could be a simple passive component. 

    • The mcp1700 3.3v reg needs 2 1 uF capacitors. Micro Farad. (ran out of these)
    • atmega328pu Oscillator needs 2 22 pF capacitors (tons of these...)
    • I thought i was only off by a bit then I remember the advil caps were the wrong prefix.

    I was off by 500,000x.

    at least I hope this is the problem...because idk...

    but to make it more strange rx board with the same caps seems to work fine with the test remote...

  • PCB = Prototype circuit board.

    Saul04/09/2023 at 00:35 0 comments

    Other project rely on this one so I need it in a better working condition. its also 10000x easier to make multiples...

    The nano-rf combo was supposed to make things easier..but they never really caught on and now their hard to find...

    1. For the test remote A0/A1 had an interference problem. so its a working mess...
    2. V1 has more parts:
      • analog joysticks solder on directly 
      • breakout the unused pins for trim/button/pot.
      • I2c output for oled to have a menu/remote calibration.

    I'll design a full case when I decide on the extra i/o bits. i think a switch and/or button will give enough options with the oled and the js switches also.

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