Bandaid bot lives!!

A project log for S.O.A.R. (Scriptable Online Androidino Robot)

This is a small two wheel drive robot which is based on the Arduino and Android platforms and is Scriptable via googlescript (javascript)

eric-livesayEric Livesay 12/16/2015 at 05:180 Comments

Been a long time since my last log.

A lot has happened since.

I lightened the load and switched to an all plastic setup using the bottom half of an old multimeter case to mount the wheels in, and a bandaid box from costco to mount the arduino, motor driver shield, new hc06 Bluetooth module, and batteries in.

I don't have a phone that works with the Bluetooth now so I was testing things connected via Bluetooth from my MacBook.

Here is a video of what today in my test I dubbed Band aid bot. I will make it straight and not mounted with tape crookedly but wanted to try it out real quick. Also I will get a phone that has a working Bluetooth and I can run my android program and do cool things once I get a working android phone again.

Here's the video of me goofing around with controlling it. It runs great being lighter, I'm glad I switched from the metal frame to all plastic: