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Open source N64 rom cart based on PicoCart64 and using 2 rp2040 mcus

kaili-hillKaili Hill 04/06/2023 at 18:490 Comments

It's Happening!

I have all the parts needed to start producing the first batch of Dreamdrive64s!  If you want to pick one up you can do so here

Firmware v1.0 is ready and will be up on github before anyone receives their Dreamdrive64s. All units will ship with the latest firmware. All users need to do is unzip a folder into the root of their SD Card that contains some extra info for the cart to read to add eeprom save support as well as loading thumbnails for highlighted roms in the menu.

There is still some process to figure out if I ever need to scale up. There is still a bit of manual work involved with getting the product together. Cutting of the cart shell to accommodate the SD Card and usb plugs. A small hole needs to be drilled through the back so the user can poke a button while plugging in the usb in order to update the firmware.

Once I have shipped a few of these things I'll better understand some of the challenges that come from manufacturing something like this. I'm also still working on developing my own injection molds for the shells so I can manufacture those in the workshop without having to buy something off the shelf. Stay tuned for more updates about that process involving 3d printing molds and building a CNC mill.