Trail Map Live Lift Status Ski Map - Mammoth CA

Ski Lift Status Map with LED Indication for Current Lift Operational Status White or Black PCB + Wood, Wifi connected & OTA Updates

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Interactive SKI Trail Map LED Live Status
Mammoth Mountain, CA USA

- Green (Open)
- Blue (Weather Hold or Expected)
- Red (Closed)

Your Mammoth Map will upon first power up create a setup wifi network for you to connect to and configure (via automatic captivate portal) access to your local network. After connected, the device will check online frequently to update the lift status at Mammoth Mountain and reflect the current status via LEDs. There is a toggle on the back to choose to show summer. The device supports OTA updates and offline recovery.

- Version 1 Etched Laser Wood Ski Sign with an ESP8266 & LED Driver
- Version 2 Moved the Component onto a PCB
- Version 3 Moved the Entire Sign with Trace Art onto PCB
- Version 4 Moved to Addressable LEDs
- Version 5 Moved to ESP32 & Summer Support

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