How to propagate green lily

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m-bindhammerM. Bindhammer 05/02/2023 at 14:350 Comments

Hardly any houseplant is as easy to propagate as the green lily. In each growth phase, it forms many offshoots that appear after flowering on the long flower shoots. These offshoots bend downwards so that the "offspring" in nature eventually come into contact with the soil and take root there. This behavior makes it very easy to pull new green lilies from the offshoots:

Image source: plantopedia

After a few weeks, one of the green lilies I bought finally started to sprout plantlets.

Another week later...

After the offshoots had at least five leaves of their own, I cut the offshoots off the flower sprout with a sharp knife and watered them to get roots.

Another two weeks later, the offshoots finally got roots so I could transfer them into the plastic containers.