How it all started

A project log for Badminton ACE Shuttle Launcher

A badminton shuttlecock launching robot.

peter-sinclairPeter Sinclair 03/31/2023 at 15:540 Comments

Like any great project this one started with a pure and noble purpose: To improve my badminton skills to outperform my older brother.  We've always played together and were fairly closely matched, but that all changed when I took a few years off and returned a feeble opponent. Having previously had a very brief opportunity to train at the wonderful BC Drop Shot in Netherlands (, I knew that I needed to add skills training to my routine instead of just playing matches. Since the Netherlands is too far a commute from Canada I was left with only one possible option: to buy or build a robot friend to train me.

At first I searched online for opportunities to purchase one and there are some impressive offerings but they're mostly geared towards high performance clubs with price tags that match (>$2K). On the lower end there's a cheap option for around $200 available under a number of brand labels, but it's treated as a disposable item that cannot be serviced and provides little control over the shots. 

Eventually I came across a impressive open source project by Benoit Greslebin called Baddy where he designed and built a launcher along with apps to control it. Ready to buy and build I headed to purchase a kit only to find that the project is defunct with no available parts, support, and only much older project designs on-line.

I could have stopped there, but every great story has a setback and where would that leave me? No, I had to proceed on my own. So I took the features of Baddy I liked and started designing a launcher from the ground up to be even more capable and accessible.

From this the project goals were formed:

Project goals in hand I was ready to get started.