Just like from the previous watch, here's what it can do:

> Has an appealing GUI to make navigating with 6 buttons easily, and to save the OLEDs from burnout and increase the battery lifespan, it can go into light sleep automatically for a certain amount of seconds (only in GUI and time function). What made it different is that it truly used the dual-screen nature, allowing you to select options quickly 

 > GPS function (shows you your coordinates, speed and altitude, the GPS time and date, and measuring the distance from point A to point B, as well as cardinal directions.)

> Main time/date function, along with the ability to sync up time with the GPS and or External RTC(coming soon) to the Esp32's internal RTC.

> Health functionality: Heartrate detection (uses an external sensor, see the pic of how it's used), and a pedometer for calculating the steps you took.

> Games: can play Tetris and pong for added entertainment.

> Utility function: Has a stopwatch that also has a way to keep laps of time as well as an adjustable countdown timer.

> Misc functions: A visual on seeing how the mpu6050 operates, and the temperature function that uses the small dht11 sensor.

> Networking: has a wifi scanning functionality (though you will need to restart it every time you're done)

> Settings: You can adjust the CPU clock cycle, adjust the sleep time, enable/disable wifi, and/or even turn off the second OLED to make the watch run smoothly!