Visual materials - leaflets, block diagrams etc.

A project log for ZeroPhone - a Raspberry Pi smartphone

Pi Zero-based open-source mobile phone (that you can assemble for 50$ in parts)

ArsenijsArsenijs 10/16/2017 at 08:290 Comments

This project log is dedicated to Morning.Star's work on this project. He is, so far, the most active contributor, and he helps with something that I'm absolutely horrible at - art and graphical design. Here's his latest work for our project:

We're making an easy-to-read block diagram of the phone, so that it's easier to understand what is connected where. This one is still work-in-progress, but this is something that many projects lack - an overview of high-level blocks, that lets you understand how everything is connected without reading a lot of text and going through multiple pages of the wiki. For this project, I believe it's critical to have such diagrams. The more people understand the hardware, the more they can do with it, and that's one of the goals of the project - seeing what others can do with it..

I just sent three phones, and when I was preparing them, I decided that I have to improve their packaging. For example, I'd send links to instructions on starting with the phone by email, and that was kind of cumbersome - you need to get online, read a lot of text, make sense of it and then follow the instructions. There has to be some other way - and inserting a paper leaflet in the box seems like an obvious solution. The boxes I currently use are 194x60x50mm, so I wanted something that'd fit the dimensions and not leave lots of free space. Here's what Morning.Star designed:

---------- more ----------

A "list of features, and information on the keypad" sticker, to be glued to the box.

A leaflet to be put into the box along with the phone, with instructions on how to boot it up

A small 90x50 card, to be glued somewhere on the box/phone - just so that it's clear which revision it is.

If there are some things on the images that are not as pretty as the rest of it, I tweaked them afterwards so this is the likely cause =)

That's how it looks in reality:

Some quick fixes were necessary:

Boxes ready to ship: 

(they were shipped in one big box, otherwise they'd have shipment address stickers on them)

Source files (and .PNGs) are available on GitHub:

Once again, I want to thank Morning.Star for his contributions to the project - he's covering ground I cannot cover, and it makes the project much more complete and useful. Check out his other work, too!