Working on the new wire extension

A project log for G-EDM

The G-EDM is an electrical discharge machine that supports sinker EDM, EDM engraving, EDM drilling and Wire EDM operations. #Drahterodieren

gedm-devgedm-dev 05/22/2024 at 01:120 Comments

The first wire extension was very specific for the G-EDM tower. It worked very well but with the new router it is time for a new module and add all the improvements possible.

Access to the wire will be easier. The bearings on the spring loaded tensioners are fully exposed to the operator.

Power feed contact is now a real EDM contact that can be shifted to the side to get a new position and it is also spring loaded. This should increase the lifetime a lot.

The internal routing of the power wire and flush hose will end in connectors. A banana jack on top of the module and a push in connector for the water hose next to it.

The flushing nozzle are threaded now and the upper guide has a grip to easily adjust it.

Not finished yet but it starts to get somewhere: