Operation Game - micro:bit Style

Students make their own Operation game with inexpensive parts and easy code!

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A grade 5 teaching colleague asked about a way for her students to make Operation games with a makey. After about 20 minutes of thinking about it, I came up with an inexpensive, easy and fun way to make Operation games using a BBC micro:bit. Let's get started!

Students may create their own Operation Game using simple, easy and inexpensive parts and supplies. Get making!

  • 1 × BBC micro:bit microcontroller If you have a Version 2, you don’t need the Piezo buzzer, you can use the built in buzzer
  • 1 × 3 Volt Piezo buzzer, passive or active
  • 1 × 4 Alligator clip patch cords. ~40cm length may be best
  • 1 × Clear Tape
  • 1 × Paper clips for the organ parts.

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    Build the Game Board

    This game can be anatomy-themed, home-themed, any kind of theme you like. Build your game board and organ parts as you wish. Overall, the game board is covered with conducting aluminum foil and the 'body parts' are wrapped in conductive aluminum foil.  

    You can put the foil for the board underneath and then cut the foil so it reaches up through the holes. Tape the flaps to the lid so they are secure. The holes should be ‘lined’ by the foil. (the pictures are just for demonstration purposes).

    Reduce the size of the organs so that they will fit in the holes with some play so that they don’t contact the sides of the holes when wrapped in foil.

    Bend up a paper clip end so it makes a T with the wire pointing upwards when the clip is flat on the table. Tape a paper clip to each organ with the wire pointing upwards.

    Pierce foil over the paper clip and then neatly wrap the organ with foil and secure with tape underneath. Repeat for all the organ pieces. The foil MUST be in contact with the paper clip.

    Test your organ parts to make sure they can fit in the holes without any of the foil touching. Trim more if needed.

    Set these parts aside.

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    Build the micro:bit Circuit

    1. Connect Pin 0 on the microBit to the LONGER pin on the piezo buzzer using an alligator clip cable.(blue in diagram, colour doesn’t matter).

    (if it’s an Active buzzer, there will be a ‘+’ sign on the top of the buzzer over the pin)

    2. Connect the shorter pin on the piezo buzzer to the GND (ground) pin on the microBit (green in diagram).

    3. Connect Pin 2 on the microBit to the tweezers (red in diagram).

    4. Connect the GND pin of the microBit to the foil of the game board. (“Grounding the board”).

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    The finished circuit looks like this:

    The black clip in the lower right would be attached to the game board foil - the GROUND WIRE.

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