PICmicro C Programming Reference

A project log for CHRP4 USB robotics development board

A simple, inexpensive development board for learning or teaching beginner microcontroller programming and robotics.

john-rampeltJohn Rampelt 08/31/2023 at 22:470 Comments

Beginner C coders often have difficulty with the C language syntax, especially at or below the early high school level. In order to help the students in my classes, I created and shared a PICmicro C Programming Reference document with them in Google drive.

The order of its contents roughly align with the topic introduced in the introductory programming activities for the CHRP4 and UBMP4, so the contents can be introduced when appropriate during the lessons.

The Google document is freely available for anyone to edit and re-mix, and can easily be modified to incorporate Arduino syntax, or other C-style language. Hopefully some people will find it useful!