Github Repository Added

A project log for UChaser - Ultrasonic Following Control System

An embeddable control system for creating robotic projects that follow a target.

jesse-rJesse R 05/11/2023 at 17:460 Comments

Github repository added with our code and hardware files.

A note about the hierarchy:

Prototype - contains code for the main controller board, TX hardware rev 1, RX Hardware rev 1 and 2

Receive MCU - is our mainboard for the receive side, but we are also using it to do our transmitting until we have that little board designed

Receive US - has our rev 1 and rev 2 receiver boards.  There are two sets of rev 2's because we had two different layouts to try, we ordered them both. Rev 2 needs some work to be functional.

Transmit US - has our rev 1 transmitter board, the board we are still using today

Here are links viewable without KiCAD thanks to the awesome work of Stargirl on KiCanvas!

Receive MCU

Transmit US

Receive US - rev1 - does not show our mods, see log on hardware

Receive US - rev2 - not currently working, troubleshooting