Log 2 - Vimana Controller Board Development

A project log for VIMANA - STEM for ALL

Low Cost Open source Smartphone controlled Micro RC plane Controller for STEM/STEAM Education

ravi-butaniravi butani 04/24/2023 at 07:170 Comments

VIMANA Flight Controller Board is Low cost (< Cost of a burger ), Opensource Hardware Board designed around ESP8266 (ESP12E/F Module) and N76E003 8bit Slave MCU to control 2 DC Motors and 2 Servo Motors for Various configuration of Smartphone Controlled Micro Airplanes / Boat / Hovercraft / Car etc.. (Only Imagination is the Limit..)

Design Files of Vimana Board including BOM, Schematic, Gerber and Firmware available on Github Project Repo

VIMANA Board Schematic :


VIMANA PCB Layout : 

3D rendering of Board Assembly :

Fully Assambled VIMANA Boards With and Without IMU LSM6DS3 :

Firmware of N76E003 and ESP8266 is available at Project Github Repo here