first order arrived

A project log for Flipper At Home

Me: "Mum, can we buy a flipper?"

davedarkodavedarko 04/18/2023 at 19:310 Comments

Today I received two ESP32-C3 boards, one with native USB CDC controller connected to the USB plug and one with a CH343 connected, plus two LCD boards, because why not, they were cheap! (I also got that fish console from prev post, why did I buy that??)

I'm a bit irritated on why there are two versions, why would you want a board with an extra serial converter? To be able to use the GPIO pins 18 and 19, which are the USB pins for the integrated CDC? Well let's see what and how many pins I need then.

I found this pinout diagram and expanded it, so it shows what pins are the LEDs connected to. 

Here are the boards again: