Made a few robots so I think I would need/want these sensors at some point, 

got a set and to test out and came up with a decent idea?

Hearing impaired rely on their vision for sign language, but blind are limited to a low tech solution.

The current standard is "feel out" obstacles with a stick. 

  1. Proof of concept shows it will work, but the piezo buzzer isn't great.
  2. I think a servo as on output dial/slide might be the best solution I've thought of so far.
  3. Downside is music or other interference problems.
  4. Upside you are notified of objects at a further distance. 0-4 Meters vs 1 Meter.
  5. I think it makes more sense in an office than outside.

I think it will need more than 2 sensors to get a usable system.

  • The lower sensor faces the floor and can detect steps and other changes.
  • While the other sensor faces forward.
  • Adding a motion sensor may be useful while not walking.

now the piezo will beep if the floor sensor is less than about 1 foot and the forward sensor is 2 feet. The beeps are a different tone and duration changes as distance increases.

Just a basic test sketch for now but catching changes in distance is the main thing needed, pretty easy.