August 21, 2017 - PC signal level issues fixed

A project log for The Cardboard Computer - IO is my name

My goal is a 4-bit CPU using recycled cardboard substrate and Diode Transistor Logic. This is an educational platform for me.

Dr. CockroachDr. Cockroach 08/21/2017 at 21:021 Comment

I have been trying to correct the signals out from the older PC register and just finished wiring up four non inverting buffers. The outputs from the PC were 4.5 volts for high and about 0.5 for the low. My standard Nands require an input low of ground so had to correct for this condition. The following pic shows the clipped up mess but things are once again at peace with IO. Till the next issue Lol


Andrew Starr wrote 08/28/2017 at 08:00 point


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