System for Calibration

A project log for Toner/Laser 3D Printer

3D printer using a laser to melt the material on a semi stationary bed with minimal components.

ThunderSqueakThunderSqueak 07/15/2014 at 07:340 Comments

I was considering a simple calibration system for this setup and have settled on using a photoresistor arrangement, maybe one in each corner to detect the laser and verify alignment after you manually set the first one.  Just waiting for payday to go pick up a suitable frame for it, either an aquarium or maybe a milk crate will work.  I have also been considering a different setup for the servos and mirror mount, doing away with the ball joint and instead going for a triangle pattern with one corner fixed and the other two controlled by servos for X and Y.  Much like the mirror mount in my CO2 laser.  Then all I have to do is glue a mirror to it and mount the laser at an angle pointing slightly up.  For the initial development of the driver I will most likely use a picmicro as I already have some of those on hand.  

Sorry for the rough sketch, I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it.